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Palm tree copper blank , stamped enamel , copper disc, disc, stamping blank, personalized disc, copper blank, raw copper


Special Order?

Copper christmas dear Blanks Earnings supplies – Earring blanks -enamel blanks – Hand Stamping Blanks – 4 pieces
Skull copper blank , stamped disc, copper disc, round disc, stamping blank, personalized disc, 24 gauge, copper blank, raw copper,pack of 4

Pack of 4/20/100 pieces – please choose the quantity you like,
Great for stamp or fire torch/kiln enameling

Metal : Copper
Shape: palm tree
Size: 35mm
Gauge: 24 Gauge
hole: 1.5mm
You can order any shape you like size 40mm or less, you should send me a pic with the shape you like

Great for hand stamping.
Copper is excellent choice for patina and enameling too.
Great for earrings and necklaces

It will be sent by fast Registered Air- Mail.
Package will arrive between 5-7 business days.


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