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Pearly's Enamel Powder No. 362 Transparent Dark Amethyst 3oz. (85gr.) Great for torch/kiln/Cloisonné and Wet Packing Enameling


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All the enamel powders in my shop is compatible with thompson enamels series 1000, 2000, 9000For best results, when using copper add on top of white 317

Pearly’s Enamel Powder.

Color: No. 362 Transparent Dark Amethyst
Weight: 3 oz / 85 gr
Mesh 80
For copper, silver and 104 coe glass – (add on top of the glass)

For torch firing and kiln
Use good ventilation and facial mask
3 oz (85g), fire temp ~800C/1472F

It will be sent by fast Registered Air- Mail.
Package will arrive between 5-7 business days.


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