About Pearly Karpel

Glass & Enameling Artisan, Products Developer, Owner...

I’ve always loved art and wanted to express it in everything I do. I have been a Glass and Enamel Artisan since 2005. The lack of enameling tools worldwide drove me to start my own Pearly Karpel enameling supply shop. Over the years, I developed special Enamel tools and products.

At Pearly Karpel Supply you can:

  • Choose from more than 200 colorful high-quality enamel powders.
  • Get the best enameled component from a huge variety of copper blanks shapes.
  • Buy special paints, unique tools, and exclusive products for enameling.
Pearly Karpel

Pearly Karpel: My Story

From the Israeli Silicone Valley to Lampwork Art – Capturing beauty in a capsule.

All my life I liked colors. I used to draw, sculpt in ceramics and polymer clay, and make decorative soap and other things that have colors.

For over 15 years I worked as a software and chemical engineer in the Israeli Silicone Valley. I was a chemical Engineer with specialty in biotechnology, I lived in Basel, Switzerland for 1 year while I was working there in the medical company Novartis.
After that year I left the pharmacy and I studied computer engineering. I faced technical and precise challenges but all the time I kept doing craft and art for the soul.

After bringing 3 lovely children into this world I felt like getting back to my creative roots.I had the need to share with other women the joy of life and art, and to follow my creative dream.

Since 2004, the year I found the expression of my artistic passion, every morning is the beginning of a new day of inspiration, creativity and communication, conveyed through my art.

My love for my art combined with my understanding in chemistry and appreciation for precision results allowed me to developed special Enamel’s tools and products.


Let My Enamel Supply tools and creations Bring To You the Joy of Color and Art. 

I also have an online course to get you started with enameling! Happy creating!


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