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I’m really excited to offer you my new torch with its unique gas and
energy-saving solution. It works really well for me and it’ll do the same
for you.
The gas saver and torch are your energy-saving solution. The micro-
hole pilot flame allows you to light the torch only when you need to use it
and that saves you gas and oxygen.
Remember to extinguish the torch between uses; that also eliminates
the need to repeatedly adjust the torch. With this torch, you save time
and money.
The torch is supplied as a complete kit that arrives fully assembled and
ready to begin working. The kit comes with a practical and handy fixture
that’s easy to attach to a table or workbench and 4 tips in diffrent sizes.

Wilson’s torch are well designed by experienced engineers and made in Taiwan under ISO9001:2015 quality control system. The working procedures from material incoming, production, inspection, packing to shipping are under strictly controlled and traceable. Nowadays, our series compressed gas regulators, torches and flashback arrestors are certified by UL and BAM according to UL/EN ISO/AS standards. More & more customers are confident that Wilson is their best choice to compete in the global market.

It will be sent by fast Registered Air- Mail.
Package will arrive between 5-7 business days.

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