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True Colors Paints For Enamels – Cobalt black 422, Lead Free


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True Colors Paints can be applied on any enamel type,
You need to dilute with distilled water and apply a thin layer on the enameled component; and then after torch firing or kiln firing you apply a second layer.
You can add more layers until you are happy with your results.
You can keep “True Colors” paints in the palette that comes with the kit.
You can also mix colors to obtain new shades.
The Firing Temp for kiln is 1472F/800C
Dusk mask and good ventilation

You can add distilled water for a watercolor paint effect,
Add acrylic medium for an acrylic effect,
And add oil medium to simulate the effect of oil painting.
Note, every color has different density so some of the colors will be half full but all are 16 grams

You can see more details in this video like:

Check at my YouTube channel PearlyEnamelSupply, click here:

The 30 “True Colors” colors are:
White 107,
Clear 108,
Lemon yellow 316,
Warm yellow 110,
Orange 391,
Red 769,
Pinkish red 719,
Dark red 799,
Iron red 515,
Pink 715,
Violet 816,
Grass green 121,
Apple green 081,
Light blue 212,
Peacock green 112 ,
Turquoise 002,
Blue 223,
Blue bird 226,
Blue lagoon 228,
Cobalt blue 225,
Jewelry blue 570,
Silver gray 400,
Dark silver 410,
Coffee 623,
Brown 726,
Golden yellow 615,
Golden brown 707,
Black 801,
Cobalt black 422,
Dark black 424

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